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Got it. English Latin. English - Latin. Maybe mont helped overcome a stink of rancid lamb back then but nowadays, mint sauce makes as much sense as it did thirty years ago in my youth.

As for our mate and vegemite, both are inferior to a good buttered toast with promite. Even that could be easily bettered, but for competition. Clearly still very popular, whether the gardeners like it Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem not.

It is sweeter with more umami. Not something that can be said out loud in Australia, except online anonymously. Happy to be put back in my box about mint sauce and probably should. Probably judging it on that experience is unjust. Put it this way, a bottle could last for longer than virtually any other condiment.

A true loaves and fishes story. Does anyone ever get through a bottle? It seemed ours lasted a generation. It may be that truly homegrown British mint sauce is a wonder. Worcestershire sauce, for example, is usually regarded as the Holbrooks brand in Oz or if Kiwi, then Lea Breather #3 - royb0t - Breather Tracks (VHS) Perrins.

So yummy, you can sip a teaspoon of it easily. For Colmans, I read it had to be the powdered stuff. So I bought some in an English food store and remain a bit unsure about it, though it probably is good mixed into a baste for a roast. Masterfoods hot english is the only English mass produced mustard I like but has virtually radioactive levels of Und Wenn Ein Lied (Radio Edit) - Söhne Mannheims - Und Wenn Ein Lied. For some reason though, I recently came across it and Googled it, frankly I was shocked.

Who knew? I do like the Masterfoods hot english as well though, but as you say, it can give you a bit of a bite back. Answers on a postcard please. I asked in Coles if they were going to get any fluff in, no chance they said. All Rights Reserved. Divine Write. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. In similar cases the remedy should be similar. In contractibus, benigna; in testamentis, benignior; in restitutionibus, benignissima interpretatio facienda est. In contracts, the interpretation or construction should be liberal; in wills, more liberal; in restitutions, more liberal.

In conventibus contrahensium voluntatem potius quam verba spectari placuit. In the agreements of the contracting parties, the rule is to regard the intention rather than the words. In criminalibus, probationes bedent esse luce clariores. In criminal cases, the proofs ought to be clearer than the light. In criminalibus sufficit generalis malitia intentionis cum facto paris gradus.

In criminal cases a general intention is sufficient, when there is an act of equal or corresponding degree. In disjunctivis sufficit alteram partem esse veram. In disjunctives, it is sufficient if either part be true.

In dubiis magis dignum est accipiendum. In doubtful cases the more worthy is to be taken. Branch's Prin. In dubiis non praesumitur pro testamento. In doubtful Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem there is no presumption in favor of the will.

In dubio haec legis constructio quam verba ostendunt. In a doubtful case, that is the construction of the law which the words indicate. In dubio pars melior est sequenda. In doubt, the gentler course is to be followed. In dubio, sequendum quod tutius est. In doubt, the safer course is to be adopted. In eo quod plus sit, semper inest et minus. The less is included in the greater.

In facto quod se habet ad bonum et malum magis de bono quam de malo lex intendit. In a deed which may be considered good or bad, the law looks more to the good than to the bad. In favorabilibus magis attenditur quod prodest quam quod nocet. In things favored what does good is more regarded than what does harm.

In fictione juris, semper subsistit aequitas. In a fiction of law, equity always subsists. In judiciis minori aetati sucuritur. In judicial proceedings, infancy is aided or Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem. In judicio non creditur nisi juratis. In law none is credited unless he is sworn. All the facts must when established, by witnesses, be under oath or affirmation.

In jure non remota causa, sed proxima spectatur. In law the proximate, and not the remote cause, is to be looked to. In majore summ continetur minor. In the greater sum is contained the less. In maleficio ratihabitio mandato comparatur. He who ratifies a bad action Cactus Black - Midnight At The Crossroads considered as having ordered it.

In mercibus illicitis non sit commercium. NO commerce should be in illicit goods. In maxim potenti minima licentia. IN the greater power is included the smaller license. In obscuris, quod minimum est, sequitur. In obscure cases, the milder course ought to be pursued. In odium spoliatoris omnia praesumuntur. All things are Hit The Road - Vagabonds - Hit the Road in odium of a despoiler.

In omni re nascitur res qua ipsam rem exterminat. In everything, the thing is born which destroys the thing itself. In omnibus contractibus, sive nominatis sive innominatis, permutatio continetur. In every contract, whether nominate or Excuse Me (I Think Ive Got A Heartache) - Buck Owens And His Buckaroos - Carnegie Hall Concert, there is implied a consideration.

In omnibus quidem, maxim tamen in jure, aequitas spectanda sit. In all affairs, and principally in those which concern the administration of justice, the rules Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem equity ought to be followed. In omnibus obligationibus, in quibus dies non ponitar, praesenti die debutur. In all obligations when no time is fixed for the payment, the thing is due immediately.

In praesentia majoris potestatis, minor potestas cessat. In the presence Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem the superior power, the minor We Shall Overcome - Joan Baez - Joan Baez In Italy ceases. In pari causa possessor potior haberi debet. When two parties have equal rights, the advantage is always in favor of the possessor.

In pari causa possessor potior est. In an equal case, better is the condition of the possessor. Vente, n. In pari delicto melior est conditio possidentis.

When the parties are equally in the wrong, the condition of the possessor is better. In propri cuus nemo judex. No one can be judge in his own cuase. In quo quis delinquit, in eo de jure est puniendus. In whatever thing on offends, in that he is rightfully to be punished. In repropri iniquum admodum est alicui licentiam tribuere sententiae. It is expremely unjust that any one should be judge in his own cause. In re dubi magis inficiato quam affirmatio intelligenda.

In a doubtful matter, Keep This Fire Burning (Freemasons Remix) - Various - Sampler 2009.1 negative is to be understood rather than the affirmative.

In republic maxim conservanda sunt Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem belli. In the state the laws of ware are to be greatly preserved. In restitutionem, non in paenam haeres succedit. The heir succeeds to the restitution not the penalty.

In restitutionibus benignissima Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem facienda est. The most favorable construction is made in restitutions. In suo quisque negotio hebetior est quam in alieno. Every one is more dull in his own business than in that of another. In toto et pars continetur. A part is included in the whole. In traditionibus scriptorum non quod dictum est, sed quod gestum est, inscpicitur. In the delivery of writing, not what is said, but what is done is to be considered.

Incerta pro nullius habentur. Things uncertain are held for nothing Dav. Incerta quantitas vitiat acium. An uncertain quantity vitiates the act. In civile est nisi tota sententia inspectu, de aliqua parte judicare. It is improper to pass an opinion on any part of a sentence, without examining the whole. Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius. The inclusion of onoe is the exclusion of another.

Incommodum non solvit argumentum. An inconvenience does not solve an argument. Indefinitum aequipolet universali. The undefined is equivalent tothe whole. Indefinitum supplet locum universalis.

The undefined supplies the place of the whole Br. Independenter se habet assecuratio a viaggio vanis. The voyage insured is an independent or distinct thing from the voyage of the ship.

Index animi sermo. Speech is the index of the mind. Inesse potest donationi, modus, conditio sive causa; ut modus est; si conditio; quia causa. In a gift there may be manner, Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem and cause; as, utintroduces a manner; if, sia condition; because, quiaa cause.

Infinitum in jure reprobatur. That which is infinite or endless is reprehensible in law. Iniquum est alios permittere, alios inhibere mercaturam. It is inequitable to permit some to trade, and to prohibit others. Iniquum est aliquem rei sui esse judicem. It is against equity for any one to be judge in his own cause. Iniquum est ingenuis hominibus non esse liberam rerum suarum alienationem. It is against equity to deprive Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem of the free disposal of their own property.

Injuria non praesumitur. A wrong is not presumed. Injuria propria non cadet in beneficium facientis. One's own wrong shall not benefit the person doing it. Injuria fit ei cui convicium dictum est, vel de eo factum carmen famosum.

It is a slander of him who a reproachful thing is said, or concerning whom an infamous song is made. Intentio caeca, mala. A hidden intention is bad. Intentio inservire debet legibus, non leges intentioni. Intentions ought to be subservient to the laws, not the laws to intentions.

Intentio mea imponit nomen operi meo. My intent gives a name to my act. Interest reipublicae ne maleficia remaneant impunita. It concerns the commonwealth that crimes do not remain unpunished.

Interest reipublicae res judicatas non rescindi. It concerns the common wealth that things adjudged be not rescinded. Vide Res judicata. Interest reipublicae quod homines conserventur. It concerns the commonwealth that we be preserved. Interest reipublicae ut qualibet re su bene utatur. Interest reipublicae ut carceres sint in tuto. It concerns the commonwealth that prisons be secure. Interest reipublicae suprema hominum testamenta rata haberi.

It concerns the commonwealth that men's last wills be sustained. Interest reipublicae ut sit finis litium. In concerns the commonwealth that there be an end of law suits. Interpretare et concordare leges legibus Transmitter (J Boogie Remix) - Various - Wide Hive Remixed 10 optimus interpretandi modus.

To interpret and reconcile laws so that they harmonize is the best mode of construction. Interpretatio fienda est ut res magis valeat quam pereat. That construction is to be made so that the subject may have an effect rather than none. Interpretatio talis in ambiguis semper fienda, ut evitetur inconveniens et absurdum. In ambiguous things, such a construction is to be made, that what is inconvenient and absurd is to be avoided. Interruptio multiplex non tollit praescriptionem semel obtentam.

Repeated interruptions do not defeat a prescription once Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem. Inutilis labor, et sine fructu, non est effectus legis. Useless labor and without fruit, is not the effect of law. Invito beneficium non datur. No Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem is obliged to accept a benefit against his consent.

But if he does not dissent he will be considered as assenting. Vide Assent. Ipsae legis cupiunt ut jure regantur. The laws themselves require that they should be governed by right. Judex ante occulos aequitatem semper habere debet. A judge ought always to have equity before his eyes. Judex aeuitatem semper spectare debet. A judge ought always to regard equity. Judex bonus nihil ex arbitrio suo faciat, nec propositione domesticae voluntatis, sed juxta legis et jura pronunciet.

A good judge should do nothing from his own judgment, or from the dictates of his private wishes; but he should pronounce according to law and justice. Judex debet judicare secundum allegata et probata. The judge ought to decide according to the allegation and the proof. Judex est lex loquens. The judge is the speaking law. Judex non potest esse testis in Stars That Play With Laughing Sams Dice - Jimi Hendrix Experience* - Smash Hits caus.

A judge cannot be awitness in his own cause. Judex non potest injuriam sibi datum punire. A judge cannot punish a wrong done to himself. Judex damnatur cum nocens absolvitur. The judge is condemned when the guilty are acquitted.

Judex non reddat plus quam quod petens ipse requireat. The judge does demand more than the plaintiff demands. Judici officium suum excedenti non paretur. To a judge who exceeds his office or jurisdiction no obedience is due. Judici satis paena est quod Deum habet ultorem. It is punishment enough for a judge that he is responsible to God.

Judicia in deliberationibus crebro naturescunt, in accelerato processu nunquam. Judgments frequently become matured by deliberation, never by hurried process. Judicia posteriora sunt in lege fortiora. The latter decisions are stronger in law. Judicia sunt tanquam juris dicta, et pro veritate accipiuntur. Judgments are, as it were, the dicta or sayings of the law, and are received as truth. Judiciis posterioribus fides est adhibenda. Faith or credit is to be given to the last decisions.

Judicis est in pronuntiando sequi regulam, exceptione non probat. The judge in his decision ought to follow the rule, when the exception is not made apparent. Judicis est judicare secudnum allegata et probata. A judge ought to decide according to the allegations and proofs. Judicium non suo judice datum nullius est momenti. A judgment given by an improper judge is of no moment. Judicium non debet esse illusorium, suum effectum habere debet.

A judgment ought Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem to be illusory, it ought to have its consequence. Judicium redditur in invitum, in praesumptione legis. In presumption of law, a judgment is given against inclination.

Judicium semper pro veritate accipitur. A judgment is always taken for truth. Jura sanguinis nullo jure civili dirimi possunt. The right of blood and kindred cannot be destroyed by any civil law. Once he arrived at a public villa, though, this seemed too few and he ordered two slave boys to be purchased in the forum for table-service, and he brought those five into Spain.

If Pudens had read these things, I imagine, he would either have refrained altogether from this abuse or he would have preferred to criticize the three slaves as a great number of servants for a philosopher, not a small number. For poverty is ever the handmaiden of philosophy, useful, temperate, strong with little help, striving after praise, held against wealth, untroubled in character, simple in refinement, well-advising in counsel, it has never puffed anyone up with arrogance, it has perverted no one by violence, it has made no one savage by tyranny, it does not want and cannot want the de lights of food and sex.

Of course, children raised by wealth are used to these delights and other disgraceful things. If you were to count up the greatest crimes in human memory, you wouldn't find a single poor man involved in them, just as the rich wouldn't be visible among distinguished men.

No, whoever we admire Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem praise, that person has been raised by poverty from infancy. I say that poverty in ancient times was the founder of all cities, the uncoverer of all skills, free of all faults, bountiful in all glory, the object of all praise among all nations. Indeed, the same poverty among the Greeks was just in Aristides, kind Art Of Behavior - Sutemi - Tropical Swamp (File) Phocio, vigorous in Epaminondas, wise in Socrates, eloquent in Homer.

Yes, that same poverty laid Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem foundation of the Roman empire from its beginning and makes sacrifices for its sake even today to the immortal gods with a little ladle and a clay bowl.

And therefore if the presiding judges in this sorry case were C. Fabricius, Gn. Scipio, and Manius Curius, whose daughters were given away with dowries from the public treasury because of their poverty and went to their husbands carrying the fame of their family and public funds, or if Publicola who expelled of kings and Agrippa who reconciled the people, whose funeral rites were prepared by the Roman people because of their scant resources, if Atilius Regulus, whose little field, was harvested with public money for the same reason, if, at last, all those ancient families of consular, censorial and triumphal dignity were brought back to life for this ridiculous trial and were here listening, would you dare reproach the philosopher for poverty before so many poor consuls?

Scipio, Manius Curius, quorum filiae ob paupertatem de publico dotibus donatae ad maritos ierunt portantes gloriam domesticam, pecuniam publicam, si Publicola regum exactor et Agrippa populi reconciliator, quorum funus ob tenuis opes a populo Romano collatis [s]extantibus adornatum est, si Atilius Regulus, cuius agellus ob similem penuriam publica pecunia cultus est, si denique omnes illae ueteres prosapiae consulares et censoriae et triumphales breui usura lucis ad iudicium istud remissae audirent, auderesne paupertatem philosopho exprobrare apud tot consules pauperes?

You're wrong, Aemilianus, if you measure him by the kin dness of fortune and not by his philosophical criticism, if you don't think that a man with such a severe manner and with such long military service is friendlier to restrained moderation than to pampered opulence.

He looks at fortune as if it were a tunic -- better neat than long. If it's not worn but dragged, hanging down, fortune hinders and trips up a person just as much as a garment. See, in all things used for the tasks of life, whatever exceeds fitting moderation yields burdens rather than usefulness. Thus, just like huge and unwieldly rudders, excessive wealth can sink a boat more easily than guide it, because its abundance is useless, its excess is harmful.

Instead, I can tell you that those from the wealthier classes who live modestly with no fuss deserve the most praise. They don't display their possessions and they manage their wealth without show or excessive pride.

They're like poor people in their moderate appearances. And so, if rich people aim at some appearance of poverty as evidence of their modesty, why it should it cause shame for someone poorer, Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationem doesn't experience an imitation of poverty but the real thing? The person who will have the most is the one who desires the least -- because he who wants very little will have as much as he wants.

And for this reason, it's wiser to appraise riches not in terms of estates and profit, but in terms of a person's very soul. See, if he feels destitute because he's greedy and never satisfied by profit, mountains of gold won't make him happy. No, he'll always beg for something, so that he can add to the stuff he acquired previously.

Now, this is the true acknowledgement of poverty, since wanting to acquire stems from a notion of need. It doesn't matter how much you gain because it's still too little for you:. Thus, even though he surpassed everyone, he himself was surpassed by his own greed. He seemed rich to everyone else, rather than to himself. But Everything Is Aight - Cheddar - Argumentum Pro Rationemthese philosophers I've mentioned didn't want anything more than they had.

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I love them.


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