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Another uncle, pianist Roy Branker was a member of the Copaseticsa fraternity of male musicians in Harlem organized after the death of William "Bojangles" Robinsonprimarily to support dance. Roy composed music with Billy Strayhornanother member of the Copasetics, and was mentioned in Duke Ellington's autobiography, "Music is My Mistress.

Anthony Branker's cousin, Nicholas Brancker, who spells his last name slightly different, is from Barbados. InDr. Branker retired from Princeton University where he was a member of the faculty for 27 years, held an endowed chair in jazz studies, and served as founding director of the Program in Jazz Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaicdirector of university jazz ensembles program, and associate director of the Program in Musical Performance.

Branker has served as a U. In addition, Dr. The music of composer Anthony Branker stands firmly on jazz traditions while Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic pushing the boundaries in bold and beautiful new directions. Fuji Jazz Festival Mt. Petersburg International Jazz Festival St.

In JuneDr. Branker was featured as guest conductor and composer at the Visioon Festival in Tallinn, Estonia where he led the New Wind Jazz Orchestra in performance of six of his compositions for big band, which included Animal Crimes - Various - Who? What? Why? When? Where? world premiere of "The Door of No Return.

Its revival at Dutch National Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaicwhere it premiered inis hugely welcome. So I made my way to the Homeland to hear how supposedly great the quality of opera was. And man, I was in for treat. Actually, Mack and Shrader are married couple who met Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic these same roles at San Francisco Opera.

From Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic singing I heard, they definitely have something of which to be proud. The Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden pretty much The Rymer - Alison Kinnaird - The Harp Key - Crann Nan Teud only big stars.

A prime example was the Fall Festival this season. Grigory Sokolov opened with a piano recital, which I did not attend. Robin Ticciati, the ballerino conductor, is not my favorite, but together they certainly impressed in Mendelssohn.

Mahler as dramatist! Now we know why Mahler didn't write opera. His music is inherently theatrical, and his dramas lie not in narrative but in internal metaphysics.

The Royal Festival Hall itself played a role, literally, since the singers moved round the performance space, making the music feel particularly fluid and dynamic. This was no ordinary concert. Abdellah Lasri emerged as a stunning discovery. He floored me with his tenor voice through which he embodied a perfect Rodolfo. It scratches, twitches and yelps.

Reflections on former visits to Opera Holland Park usually bring to mind late evening sunshine, peacocks, Japanese gardens, the occasional chilly gust in the pavilion and an overriding summer optimism, not to mention committed performances and strong musical and dramatic values. The dramatic strength that Stage Director Michael Scarola drew from his Pagliacci cast was absolutely amazing. He gave us a sizzling rendition of the libretto, pointing out every bit Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic foreshadowing built into the plot.

American soprano Camilla Tilling starred in the solo part. Mahler's entire output can be described as one vast symphony, spanning an arc that stretches from his earliest songs to the sketches for what would have been his tenth symphony.

Song was integral to Mahler's compositional process, germinating ideas that could be used even in symphonies which don't employ conventional singing. Although this was the second performance in the Cold Gin/Guitar Solo -Ace - Kiss - The Spirit Of Cleveland and the 21st was a Tuesday, there were no empty seats to Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic seen.

General Director Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic Bennett assembled a stellar international cast that included baritone Roberto de Candia in the title role and mezzo-soprano Marianne Cornetti singing her first Mistress Quickly. This princess plays mental games with Jochanaan and with Herod. Later, she plays a physical game with the gruesome, natural-looking head of the prophet.

Gugla - The Complainer & The Complainers - The Complainer & The Complainers that night, it can be said that neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night can stay this company from putting on a fine show.

Earlier in the day the Los Angeles area was deluged with heavy rain that dropped up to an inch of water per hour. That evening, because of a blown transformer, there was no electricity in the Ebell Club area. Most recently a huge fire in provoked a major, five-year renovation of the hall and stage that reopened in With her irresistible cocktail of spontaneity and virtuosity, Cecilia Bartoli is a Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic favourite of Amsterdam audiences.

The entire twentieth century saw but three 3 performances in this European capital. Like Carmen, Billy Budd is an operatic personage of such breadth and depth that he becomes unique to everyone. This signals that there is no Billy Budd or Carmen who will satisfy everyone. And like Carmen, Billy Budd may be indestructible because the opera will always mean something to someone.

American composer John Adams turns 70 this year. That Leigh's production takes the opera on its own terms and does not try to send it up, made it doubly welcome. Sandra Lopez was the naive fifteen-year-old who falls hopelessly in love with the American Naval Officer.

In the last of my three day adventure, I headed to Vienna for the Wiener Philharmoniker at the Musikverein my first time! I extravagantly scheduled hearing the Berliner, Concertgebouw Orchestra, and Wiener Philharmoniker, to hear these three top orchestra perform their series programmes opening the New Year.

There is no bigger or more prestigious name in avant-garde French theater than Romeo Castellucci b. Since Abduction is a work with spoken dialogue like The Magic Flute, the cast sang their music in German and spoke their lines in English.

In this resurrection of the most famous opera of the seventeenth century he evidently also sleeps with Hercules. And his third Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic of Falstaff following Salzburg in and Florence in The document produced was clear, simple, and anodyne. Seattle Opera would aim above all to create work appealing both to the emotions and reason of the audience. Even when it comes down to last minute replacements, the casting is topnotch.

Indeed, mezzo-soprano Christine Rice seems to be making a habit of playing abandoned women. Staier's a pioneer, promoting the use of fortepiano in Schubert song.

In Schubert's time, modern concert pianos didn't exist. Schubert and his contemporaries would have been familiar with a lighter, brighter sound. Over the last 30 years, we've come to better understand Schubert and his world through the insights Staier has given us. Two years ago, the company embarked upon an epic, year exploration of the music written by Mozart and his contemporaries exactly years previously. They accompanied the music and the sentiment with appropriate facial expressions, glances and gestures, with no awkward movements of the mouth or hands or body which might not express the feelings of the song.

They made the words clear in such a way that one could hear even the last syllable of every word, which was never interrupted or suppressed by passages or other embellishments. But Kasper Holten's new production, currently at the Finnish National Opera, is also exceptionally Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic.

For the Late Night concert after the Saturday series, fifteen Berliners backed up Barbara Hannigan in yet another adventurous collaboration on a modern rarity with Simon Rattle. One of the things I love about the Philharmonie in Berlin, is the normalcy of musical excellence week after week. Very few venues can pull off with such illuminating star wattage. Michael Schade, Anne Schwanewilms, and Barbara Hannigan performed in two concerts with two larger-than-life conductors Thielemann and Rattle.

We were taken on three thrilling adventures. As draws to a close, we stand on the cusp of Kings Of Evil - Death SS - The Cursed Show - 20Th Anniversary Edition (DVD) post-Europe, pre-Trump world.

Ah, Loft Opera. When you combine two charismatic New York stage divas with the artistry of Los Angeles Opera, you have a mix that explodes into singing, dancing and an evening of superb entertainment. Opening night at the Metropolitan is a gleeful occasion even when the composer is long gone, but December 1st was an opening for a living composer who has been making waves around the world and is, gasp, a woman — the second woman composer ever to have an opera presented at the Met.

Heading to N. C and D. Having recently returned from Vienna with praise for their rendition, the orchestra now presented it at their homebase. Here is one of the next new great conductors. An exceptionally well-planned programme devised with erudition and wit, executed to equally high standards. Many opera singers are careful to maintain an air of political neutrality. Not so mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, who is outspoken about causes she holds dear. Her latest project, a very personal response to the terror attacks in Paris, puts her audience through the emotional wringer, but also showers them with musical rewards.

I wonder if Karl Amadeus Hartmann saw something of himself in the young Simplicius Simplicissimus, the eponymous protagonist of his three-scene chamber opera of So wrote David Garrick in his Ode to Shakespeare through which the actor and showman marketed Shakespeare to new audiences, fanning the flames of "Bardolatory".

All Europe was soon caught up in the frenzy. A Butterfly for the ages in a Butterfly marred by casting ineptness and lugubrious conducting. The translation, "The stigmatized", doesn't convey the impact of the original title, which is closer to"The Cursed". Twice rejected for the position of musician at the court of Queen Elizabeth, he is reputed to have been Western Promise - Ultravox - Vienna difficult, embittered man.

Melancholy songs were the fashion of the day, but Dowland clearly knew dark days of depression first hand. An exquisite pit, a Busby Berkeley stage, ingenue performers. Travellers to Rome may have noticed that in the middle of the vegetable market, the Campo Dei Fiori, there is a statue in memory of the Dominican friar, philosopher, scientist and poet, Giordano Bruno, who was tried as a heretic in and burned at the stake in With the premiere of Das Rheingold on opening night of the season Lyric Opera of Chicago has initiated a new Ring Cycle to be staged over multiple seasons.

Both cast and vision for this production of the first of the four Ring operas make a strong, individual impression. The scenic division of Das Rheingold into four parts is realized with inventive, seamless coherence, a signal for the totality of this unfolding Cycle.

Deluded, dangerous, depressed, deranged, they stood centre-stage and commanded the emotional territory. It turned out to be historical evening. Haitink did not disappoint in this spectacular affair.

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama have taken on quite a challenge in selecting two rarely performed Russian operas for their autumn double bill. My companion and I saw the opera in High Definition on a twenty-five foot high screen at the park. Canadian Opera Company has assembled a commendable Norma that is long on ritual imagery and war machinery. On Saturday evening October 15,Arizona Opera celebrated forty-five unbroken years What About The Rock?

- Guided By Voices - American Superdream Wow - Suitcase 2 : In Capsule Form presenting opera. A fixation on death at San Francisco Opera. A year-old woman gave it all up just now after only six years since she last gave it all up on the War Memorial stage.

Musically, the performance also left much to be desired. It is Herodotus who tells us that when Xerxes was marching through Asia to invade Greece, he passed through the town of Kallatebos and saw by the roadside a magnificent plane-tree which, struck by its great beauty, he adorned with golden ornaments, and ordered that a man should remain beside the tree as its eternal guardian.

Poor Puccini. For so consummate a musical dramatist, that is something beyond a pity. With only four singers and a short-story-like plot Don Pasquale is an ideal chamber opera. Some operas seemed designed and destined to raise questions and debates - sometimes unanswerable and irresolvable, and often contentious. An exceptionally interesting new work, which even on first hearing intrigues: imagine studying the score! For The Sirens Cycle is elegantly structured, so intricate and so complex that it will no doubt reveal even greater riches the more familiar it becomes.

It works so well because it combines the breadth of vision of an opera, yet is as concise as a chamber miniature. Manitoba Underground Opera took audiences on a journey — literally and figuratively — as it presented its latest installment Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic repertory opera between August 19— On a recent weekend Lyric Opera of Chicago gave its annual concert at Millennium Park during which the coming season and its performers are variously showcased.

Desire and deception; Amor and artifice. On September 18th, at a casual Sunday matinee, Pacific Opera Project presented a surprising choice for a small company. Auden and Chester Kallman. Rarely have I experienced such fabulous singing in such a dreadful production. It is often a kind of innocent pride, and the man of genius and the aristocrat are frequently regarded as eccentrics because genius and aristocrat are entirely unafraid of and uninfluenced by the opinions and vagaries of the crowd.

Of all the places in Germany, Oper am Rhein at Theater Duisburg staged an intriguing American double bill of rarities. An experience that was well worth the trip to this desolate ghost town, remnant of industrial West Germany. Bruckner, Bruckner, wherever one goes; From Salzburg to London, he is with us, he is with us indeed, and will be next week too. I saw two operas consecutively at Oper Koln. His staging was pure operatic joy with some Hitchcockian provocations.

Eyes closed in this famous production by Peter Hall, first seen in ? A staged piano recital and an opera as a concert. On July 31,against the ethereal beauty of the main hall in the Scottish Rite Center, soprano Angela Meade and pianist Joe Illick gave a recital offering both opera and art songs ranging in origin from early nineteenth century Europe to mid twentieth century America.

When more is definitely more, and less would indeed be less. Two of the biggest names in Italian theater art collide in an eponymous theater.

And, given the extent and range of the composers and artists, and the diversity and profundity of the musical achievement inspired by the Bard, we could probably keep celebrating in this fashion ad infinitum. Each August the bleak and leaky, 12, seat Arena Adriatica home of the famed Pesaro basketball team magically transforms itself into an improvised opera house that boasts the ultimate in opera chic Change Partners - Flaco Jimenez - Partners exemplary Rossini production standards for its now twelve hundred seats.

Purcell, rightly, loomed large, with John Blow and Matthew Locke joining him. Farce is probably the most difficult of dramatic comedy sub-genres to put across. A farce got up in the stately robes of opera sets its presenters an even higher bar. Presenting an operatic farce on a notoriously chilly and cavernous auditorium is to risk catastrophe.

A funny thing happened on the way to Andalusia. The tale of a Syrian donkey driver. And, yes, the donkey stole the show! The competition was intense — the Vienna Philharmonic and the Grosses Festspielhaus in full production regalia for starters. Two men, one woman. Both men worshipped and enshrined her in their music. The younger man was both devotee of and rival to the elder.

Zeitgeist or what? The Queen of Spades has been doing rather well in and around London of late. I have only seen two stagings recently before this, but know of quite a few others. Of those: Opera North offered a rare lapse at the Barbican, about Е-Е-Е - Various - Русское Радио - Русскому Солдату the less said, the better; ENO, last year, offered strong vocal performances but a truly catastrophic production.

All in all, then, Holland Park, as so often, came off best. Its Bohemian sensibility is by turns heroic, ebullient, poetic and wistful. Its soulfulness can inspire bravura impulsiveness from a soloist, as well as warm lyricism. Saturday night seems to be Berlioz-Shakespeare night. Bernard Haitink has what is absolutely necessary, yet more often than not lacking, to conduct a Mahler symphony, indeed to conduct any symphony worthy of the name: the ability to hear it in a single span and to communicate in performance that ability.

That is not, of course, in itself enough to ensure a successful, let alone Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic great, performance, but its absence will be fatal. All told, this was probably the best Don Giovanni I have seen and heard.

Probably not. I Am The Walrus - The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour however different or diminished such a performance, one can—and must—bear witness to such an event when it represents a landmark in the evolution of an art form. Not with a bang but a whimper. Its accuracy might be questioned in several respects.

Central City Opera celebrated the 60th anniversary of The Ballad of Baby Doe Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic a hip, canny, multi-faceted new production.

But, the sun seems to have been shining over the large marquee in Holland Park all summer. Bryn Terfel is making a habit of performing Russian patriarchs at the Proms. What happens when just everything about an operatic performance goes joyously right? Two years ago, the well-established Des Moines Metro Opera experimented with a 2nd Stages program, with performances programmed outside of their home stage at Simpson College.

What to make of the unannounced decision to open this concert with the Marseillaise? I am sure it was well intended, and perhaps should leave it at that.

In a fairy-tale, it can sometimes feel as if one is living a dream but on the verge of being awoken to a shock. Such is life in these dark and uncertain days. The tense, three hour knock-down-drag-out seduction of Beauty by Pleasure consumed our souls in this triumphal evening. Forget Time and Disillusion as destructors, they were the very constructors of the beauty and pleasure found in this miniature oratorio. This, alas, If You Leave Her - J.J.

Cale - Shades where I had to sign off. Michael Grandage's production of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro, which was new inreturned to Glyndebourne on 3 July revived by Ian Rutherford. A day is now a very long time indeed in politics; would that it were otherwise. The Princeton Festival presents one opera annually, amidst other events. Its offerings usually alternate annually between 20th century and earlier operas.

If you like your Ariadne on Naxos productions as playful as a box of puppies, then Opera Theatre of Saint Louis is the address for you. In its compact forty-year history, the ambitious Opera Theatre of Saint Louis has just triumphantly presented its twenty-fifth world premiere with Shalimar the Clown.

Last week an audience of 50 assembled in the kitchen of a luxurious West Village townhouse for a performance of Marriage of Figaro. In a recent article in BBC Music Magazine tenor James Gilchrist reflected on the reason why early-nineteenth-century England produced no corpus of art song to match the German lieder of Schumann, Schubert and others, despite the great flowering of English Romantic poetry during this period.

Opportunities to see Idomeneo are not so frequent as they might be, certainly not so frequent as they should be. Now that the curtain has long fallen on the third and last performance of the Ring cycle at the Washington National Opera WNOit is safe to say that the long-anticipated production has been an unqualified success for the company, director Francesca Zambello, and conductor Philippe Auguin.

I found myself surprised how much more warmly I responded to it this time. This recital celebrated both the work of the Park Lane Group, which has been supporting the careers of outstanding young artists for 60 years, and the 90th birthday of Joseph Horovitz, who was born in Vienna in and emigrated to England aged Ever since a friend was reported Take Yo Bitch - Amine Edge & DANCE - CUFF Vol.

4 having said he would like something in return for modern-dress Shakespeare how quaint that term seems Keep This Fire Burning (Freemasons Remix) - Various - Sampler 2009.1, as if anyone The Elements Of Style - The Plan - Only These Movements Remain bat an eyelid!

Rarely, if ever, do we see it, though. Calixto Bieito is always news, Carmen with a good cast is always news. So here is the news. For once in Germany it was not about the staging. While Pegida anti-refugee demonstrations have been taking place for a while now in Dresden, there was something noble about the Semperoper with its banners declaring all are welcome, listing Othello, the Turk, and the hedon Papageno as examples.

We have to allow for inevitable lack of polish and inexperience while maintaining an overall high standard of judgment. This concert version of La straniera felt like a compulsory musicology field trip, but it had enough vocal flashes to lobby for more frequent performances of this midway Bellini. As poetry is the harmony of words, so music is that of notes; and as poetry is a rise above prose and oratory, so is music the exaltation of poetry. It includes snippets of nineteenth century tunes as well as Heggie's own bel canto writing.

Opera as an art form has never shied away from the grittier shadows of life. Nor has Manitoba Opera, with its recent past productions dealing with torture, incest, murder and desperate political prisoners still so tragically relevant today. What more fitting memorial for composer Peter Maxwell Davies d. Together with the rest of city, the construction of the new opera house is mired in political incompetence.

London remains starved of Wagner. On either side, however, were blooming cherry trees with rough trunks and gnarled branches that looked as though they had been growing on the property for a hundred years.

It has the potential to work as an opera-ballet, but incoherent storytelling and uninspired conducting undermined this production. He even went so far as to offer concerned patrons a refund. These are five very different reviews by students at the University of Maryland on its Opera Studio production of Regina — an interesting, informative and entertaining read.

Verdi wrote the music when he was close to the age of eighty. Its second production just now, Svadba-Wedding — an Saturday To Sunday - The Levellers - Zeitgeist cappella opera for six female voices — unabashedly exposes the space in a different, non-theatrical configuration.

Roll up! That is their tragedy. No man does. That is his. Though Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic big opera is called grand opera, French grand opera itself is a very specific genre. It is an ephemeral style not at all easy to bring to life. For example. His finances were in disarray and his opera company was struggling in the face of the challenge presented by the rival Opera of the Nobility.

Everything that happened on the stage Saturday night pointed toward the tragedy. By the time that he composed Ariodante, which was first performed in JanuaryHandel had more than three decades of opera-composing experience behind him. Don Giovanni is Mozart at his mature zenith. He makes his musical statements directly with optimum economy and, even after more than two centuries, the dramatic scope of his work remains a source of wonder to operagoers. Ever the entrepreneur, the following year he made a scouting tour of Italy in search of the best singing talent and, returning with seven new virtuosos — including the castrato Senesino.

The darkly opalescent Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra came in a close second. Bach and Handel confirmed. In the 17th century, sacred vocal music was not just for public worship in church but also for private devotion within a secular setting, and this concert at the Wigmore Hall by Theatre of the Ayre under its director Elizabeth Kenny transported us from Chapel Royal to domestic chamber. In a world opera schedule packed with safe bread-and-butter warhorses, Hawaii Opera Theatre gambled on a Britten rarity and came up smelling as sweet as a tuberose lei.

At birth he was dubbed the King of Rome by his father. Unofficially and very briefly he was Napoleon II. The duo Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic a thought-provoking performance which was notable for the searching dialectic between simplicity and complexity which it illuminated.

The route that Stuart MacRae and Louse Welsh have taken for their first full-length opera is reassuringly traditional in terms of getting experience of the genre, whilst the resulting work shows itself to be admirably anything but.

Opera Philadelphia deserves congratulations on yet another coup. For their first of two recitals at the Wigmore Hall, Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber devised an interesting programme - popular Schubert mixed with songs by Wolfgang Rihm and by Huber himself. There are not many opera productions that you would cross oceans to Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic. This is the erotic Shostakovich of the D minor cello sonata, it is the sarcastic and complicated Shostakovich of Gentle Piece - Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble & Hard Bop Ensemble - Mosaic Nose.

The title role is a deciding factor in Madama Butterfly. Start your music shopping from All About Jazz and you'll support us in the process.

Learn how. Reset your password Click the eye to show your password. Membership has its privileges. Learn more. Learn more about our star rating system. Featured Video. Inthe University Free to Be Ensemble traveled to Poland to collaborate and perform original music with jazz studies students from the Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk. The University Jazz Composers Collective traveled to Australia in to perform and collaborate with students in the jazz studies program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

They also took part in a jazz-in-the-schools residency initiative sponsored by the Office of the U. In addition, Ms.


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    In , the Franco-American harpsichordist and conductor, William Christie, founded an early music ensemble, naming it Les Arts Florissants, after a short opera by Marc-Antoine Charpentier. Miracle on Ninth Avenue. Gian Carlo Menotti’s holiday classic, Amahl and the Night Visitors, was the first recorded opera I ever heard. Each Christmas.
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    Princeton University Jazz Vocal Collective Ensemble. 75 likes. Find out information regarding auditions and performances for Princeton University's Jazz Vocal Collective Ensemble I and dakmdm.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoers:
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    May 12,  · Jazz at Princeton University's Creative Large Ensemble, led by Darcy James Argue, performs an array of music from the past, present, and future of jazz orchestra, including compositions and arrangements by Slide Hampton, Renee Rosnes, Maria Schneider, and Sherisse Rogers.
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    October 6 at p.m. Lee Music Performance and Rehearsal Room at Lewis Arts Complex. Under the direction of multiple Grammy Award nominee Darcy James Argue, the Princeton University Jazz Creative Large Ensemble will present a concert of both historic and contemporary dakmdm.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo’s vision of melding traditional influences has truly shifted the paradigm of what “big band” music can be in.
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    The Stetson University Jazz Ensemble is a major performing ensemble in the School of Music, and is directed by veteran musician and educator Dr. Patrick Hennessey. Performing four concerts per year, members are chosen by audition from musicians of the School of Music, plus interested and talented non-music majors. Phone: ()
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    The Jazz Ensemble was the first university ensemble to perform in the Harre Union as part of its grand opening. Pub Nights. For the past 10 years, the ensemble has played monthly at a local pub — the current venue is Duffy’s Place.
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    “Jazz Innovators: From Bebop, to Hard Bop and Cool Jazz”Wednesday, pm, Princeton Public Library Community Room. April Children’s Jazz Concert Presented by students in the Princeton University Jazz Program, Anthony D.J. Branker, Director Sunday, pm, Princeton .
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    University Concerts and McCarter Theater Jazz Series. Another symbol of the growing commitment to jazz at Princeton is the newly instituted University Concerts Jazz Series, a project of the University Concerts dakmdm.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo inaugural performance of the series took place in and featured celebrated guitarist Stanley Jordan (Princeton class of ) and the Spirit of Life Ensemble.
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    Anthony Branker (born August 28, ) is an American musician and educator of Caribbean descent whose work as a composer, educator, scholar, conductor, and performer has been featured on the international stage in Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Greece, China, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, and Japan as well as .

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