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One of the things I love about this band is that they really feel as if they had performed the whole thing live from start to finish. And what this trio has done is something spectacular and give the music of both Prog The Elements Of Style - The Plan - Only These Movements Remain Jazz a big warm hug and they know their musical inspiration and roots very well.

Thursday, January 17, Mahogany Frog - Senna. Pepper-era filled with guitar structures Gloria - The Magik Way - Materia Occulta 1997-1999 are layered and powerful drum beats to set the atmosphere. Meanwhile the suites on Message from Uncle Stanjust keeps getting better and better. Wednesday, January 16, SH. N is one of the most eruptive and powerful bands to come out of the scene of Post-RIO-Pronk Punk-Prog bands to come out of nowhere as if the monster has let loose to reign hell on the small citizens of a tiny village to have a human feast.

The band was founded three years ago by keyboardist Antoine Guenet of The Wrong Object, who wanted to take the genre Gloria - The Magik Way - Materia Occulta 1997-1999 a whole new level and push it as far as he can go. And what Antoine has done, he has successfully pushed the envelope with SH.

While they go into a full throttle Interstellar Overdrive with their instruments, it shows they are not showing off, but really push you over the edge for at times quiet and then becomes a throttling adventure. There is some element of Zappa and a Metallic version of Gentle Giant and some jaw-dropping moments to take listeners by surprise.

A band that really knows their roots of RIO, Pronk, and Metal, this is a band that is completely mind-blowing and something would really get the underground clubs take notice of, SH. N is soon planning to be one of my favorite up-and-coming bands and MoonJune have scored a huge Home Run! Come mai queste scelte? I concept dei The Magik Way, da circa un ventennio, vertono in quella direzione.

Ogni musicista ha portato influenze musicali proprie nel progetto? Mi piace pensare che ognuno, da una prospettiva diversa, abbia una sua visione della Gloria - The Magik Way - Materia Occulta 1997-1999 occulta. Vi sono infatti infiniti modi per raggiungere lo stesso obiettivo, specie quando si usano mezzi diversi. Ogni strumento secondo noi, oltre al suo utilizzo tradizionale, nasconde un suo lato sinistro, occulto. Eibon Records Eisenwald Prod.

Elegy Rec. End All Life Prod. Flowing Downwards Folter Rec. Hell Prod. Hell's Headbangers Rec. Hellfire Rec. Hellforced Records Hellshop. Helter Skelter Prod. Hexed Cemetery Hexencave Prod. Hidden Marly Prod. High Roller Rec.

House of Mythology I Hate Rec. An authentic and direct trip, made of real feelings as the sound of the album, that envelops the listener through a vivid and obsessive mood, as tradition of this legendary band sprung by a glorious past, who was born in and starred in an unequaled musical evolution, between Alchemy and theatricality, choral and Hermeticism.

In this album the musical aspect emphatises the originality and the essence of the release. I corpi pesanti - 2. La mano raccoglie - 3. A curva di sterno - 4. Nel tempo restare - 6. Scuotiti, oh vita! In alto come in basso. Gloria - The Magik Way - Materia Occulta 1997-1999 now - Free shipping everywhere!!! Miss Limonade - Steeple Remove - Electric Suite video is an arcane and obsessive trip into the essentiality and the intimity of a music destined to be an esoteric door to the innermost meanders of human feelings.

The band has just revealed cover and tracklist of the album: 1. Everything it seems to be a penetrating musical concept and not onlybased on an intense theatricality that refers to vocal and musical Expressionism of Mr. Now after 19 years it was the time to dig up this masterpiece and Sad Sun Music does it with a CD format after the band did an audio restoration and mastering.

As many says nobody sounds and sings the inadequacy of this life like Gianni does. There's something more than mere "music" in his records and there's more than simple "poetry" in his words.

Here is the final tracklist: 1. Intro la mosca rossa - 2. Le Maschere Di Pietra Gloria Le Prigioni Di Corda La Quiete Trasposizione Mantramime La Caduta Danza Degli Elementi


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  1. Tygozragore says:
    Emerged from a Mortuary Drape's rib, after the album's recording 'Secret Sudaria', THE MAGIK WAY is born in the winter of by the will of Diabolic Obsession, Old Necromancer and Nequam who, with Azach’s add, created an occult mold body, radically influenced by the study of the esoteric arts and, primarily operates through an idea of the music by the highly theatrical connotations.
  2. Kajishakar says:
    Sea of Tranquility, Alphabetic Listing of Reviews (M) - Sea of Tranquility - Music for the New Intellectual!
  3. Shakanris says:
    The Magik Way - Materia Occulta () Massive touches of Death, Ritual Occults, and Doomy-Prog atmospheres can really take you into a different area and The Magik Way is one of the band’s music to describe how evil, sinister, and strange it is that they can really show their true love of the obscure side of the ‘70s and ‘80s.
  4. Akinokora says:
    Le Prigioni Di Corda by The Magik Way from the Album Materia Occulta Le prigioni di Domon by Marco Burgatto from the Album Il castello in mezzo al mare Books about Prigioni.
  5. Jukasa says:
    Old Necromancer. Real/full name: N/A Age: N/A Place of origin: Italy Gender: Male. Active Bands; Past Bands; The Magik Way. Guitars (, present) Dracula () Guitars: Materia occulta (Compilation) Guitars: Curve Sternum: Guitars: Mortuary Drape. Guitars (lead) All the Witches Dance.
  6. Dull says:
    THE MAGIK WAY. Sad Sun Music: € 10 "Curve Sternum" - digiCD. Ritual Music. COLLOQUIO. Sad Sun Music: € 8 "Io E L'Altro" - CD. Electronic Dark Wave. APOLOKIA. Sad Sun Music: € 14 "Kathaarian Vortex" - LP. Nihilist Black Metal. THE MAGIK WAY. Sad Sun Music. € 9 "Materia Occulta " - CD. Ritualistic Occult Music. SO MUCH FOR.
  7. Taurn says:
    If there was one European rock band that raised more than a few eyebrows in the last two years, it is Dool. The Dutch found their debut album "Here Now, There Then" in many "best of " lists and reader polls while constantly touring the continent, playing every festival from Roadburn to Wacken, House Of The Holy to Graspop.
  8. Akinozragore says:
    Romantic Warriors II: A Progressive Music Saga - About Rock in Opposition In , at the time when Punk Rock and new wave was happening, and the Prog genre was considered dead by the critics who considered “overblown” and “pretentious dinosaur rock”, it felt as if it was on its death knell.
  9. Maujas says:
    Materia Occulta , an album by The Magik Way on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

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