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The human heart is an ever-expanding organ, and its ability to stretch and grow to encompass each new relationship is one of the miracles of life. You have had a happy marriage and that makes you a lucky man. Your wife, like all of us, is of course the sum of her past, but all that adds up to making her the person you fell in love with. What more do you want from her in atonement? The story also touches a little bit on the other four sisters — just enough for you to crave how the rest of their stories pan out.

The Bohemian and The Businessman is a perfectly beautiful, heartwarming, sexy love story — a wild child falling in love with the only man that can tame her.

My paws will be all over that when it Buju Banton / Gyptian - Time And A Place / Time Hard out. Highly recommend this book and to be honest the whole series. Each book is not that long but I promise you will be addicted. Apr 13, Kate rated it it was amazing Shelves: gives-me-the-tinglesfavorites5-starsbest-book-boyfriendsbroody-alphasrom-contempsiblingsbliming-hilariousguys-be-a-steamingwounded-warriors.

I want to live on Blueberry Lane with all of these wonderful characters. I just do. To date this is one of my favourite series in the contemporary romance genre. It has everything I need and want in book. Priscilla Story is in a spot of bother. The wild I want to live on Blueberry Lane with all of these wonderful characters.

The wild child, the Excuse Me (I Think Ive Got A Heartache) - Buck Owens And His Buckaroos - Carnegie Hall Concert sheep of the family has truly got herself up the creek without one single paddle in sight.

Coming from one of the prominent families in Philadelphia living a life of luxury. Having anything she wanted but not the one thing she truly wanted. Her only real tie to the family, her sister Margaret.

Relying too much on her Trust to come through for her. Flitting from one thing to another. A rolling stone. But this rolling stone needs to change her ways as she managed to get herself knocked up. She needs a solution pronto. Something blond with blue eyes of calm comes her way.

Shane Olsen. Adorable the last gentleman left on this earth works for Story Imports and wants into upper management. There is a condition by the god awful Douglas Story none of his daughters will ever be in that position so he needs a son in law.

Shane Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing always wanted to belong to the upper crust coming from a farm in Wisconsin he wants to be more. Where he is so sacrificing and asks Margaret to date him so that he can achieve the plan he set when watching Wall Street at the age of Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing. A business Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing is the way to go. Since P interned with her father she has liked to tease Shane.

Gosh how I Kaleidon - Free Love them together. They each complement one another. They seem like an unlikely couple but that is exactly why I felt that it worked really well. One too serious and the other somewhat flighty. There were two instances where they truly said some awful things to one another but they were all true Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing an eye opener and they re-evaluate.

This is Katy at her best. The Katy I love and know. The one author that writes magic. She makes this old cynic believe in the happily ever afters of the world. That love will always prevail and that everything is beautiful and right and that we all deserve to be accepted for who we are to be loved for who we are and well to just be. I am just all slap happy today. And the best of it all a male virgin. I have to also say that I thought that it might be weird because P is knocked up and all but it ran smooth just the way I expected from Katy.

Shane took on the role as father like a duck to frigging water. Oh and there wasn't a "real" relationship between him and Margaret.

Helped big time. Apr 11, Sejla rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcfavorites. I already knew that Katy Regnery was an exceptionally talented writer that knows how to deliver a great romance story. But this book, this super sweet and heart-mealting story surpassed all my expectations!!!

From page one I was unable to put it down until I finished. I was often gasping, swooning and crying tears of sheer happiness about the beauty of this love story and her main characters: Priscilla and Shane.

Let me tell you that Katy took some risks with this story that totally payed off in I already knew that Katy Regnery was an exceptionally talented writer that knows how to deliver a great romance story. Let me tell you that Katy took some risks with this story that totally payed off in my opinion and give the book a unique touch that differentiates it from the others in the Blueberry Lane series.

I can tell without a doubt that this gem of a book is my new favorite in this addictive series. She has no interest in being a proper lady who wears costumes and pearls every day. Priscilla wants to paint, make pottery and see the world.

But her curiosity and free, hippie life style is getting her into trouble. There is only one option left that requires a Daddy sooner than later or she can kiss her trust fund good-bye.

Shane Olson, who grew up on Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing farm as one of five children, always wanted more from life. This is why he left his home and persued a Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing education in order to fit into the world of the rich elite like the Story family.

But the problem is, that despite the obvious differences there is a strong, consuming chemistry between them they both can't deny.

Can they both stick to the rules and terms they agreed upon or will the growing feelings between them make everything more complicated? Sometimes the most complicated things turn out to be the best I can't stop swooning about Shane. He is one of the best male characters Katy Regnery has ever written! I'm so in love with him. He appears a little uptight and calculative at the beginning. But behind that tough Businessman shell hides a wonderful young man with the most beautiful heart! Priscilla was a great heroine.

I loved her and her free spirit. She brought Shane out of his shell! His love and support gave her the things she always wanted in life but couldn't find: stability and respect. The way he cherished and protected her was breath-taking! This book is a perfect addition to the Blueberry Lane series and a very intriguing start to the Story Sisters. I can't wait to find out what Katy has in mind for Priscilla's sisters that couldn't be more different from her.

Bravo Katy for blowing my mind with another book of yours! Your wonderful stories make me still believe in love and help me escape reality - and for that I will forever be grateful. In case anyone is wondering: Shane is mine!!!

Apr 18, TeriLyn rated it liked it Shelves: arc. Priscilla Story female lead overhears the hero's plans gone wrong and finally takes her life into her own hands when she hatches her own marriage of convenience plan.

It's a sweet story within this romantic trope. Priscilla the free spirit paired with Shane the uptight businessman made for some very light and humorous Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing as well as some very honest and sweet moments too. The Story Sisters are five very different sisters who live under the rule of the sexist father.

Priscilla having always been the sister to buck the system finds herself in the quite the jam. Shane needs a promotion that Priscilla can help him attain. Together, the two embark on a quick relationship where they get to know each other post-nuptials.

While I found the story sweet and romantic it was lacking in a certain chemistry for me where I wasn't able to connect with either character. As more an interested bystander reading rather feeling completely immersed in their love story, I found some repetitiveness of their persona's being brought up Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing a few contrived spots of conflict.

The hero of this story isn't your typical hero however Regnery made him a shining star of the story do to this fact. Shane is sweet and charming and overly ambitious. Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing makes mistakes and says the wrongs things but always atones. I really enjoyed him. And Priscilla is sassy and flamboyant Burning Time - Morning After - Beneath The Real speaking without a filter.

Watching the two flounder around each other was very sweet. The Bohemian and the Businessman reads very quickly. It took me just a couple of hours to read Shane and Priscilla's story and I'm glad that I did. It's a great, easy romance with low angst and likable characters to satisfy your romance needs. View all 3 comments. Apr 11, Selma rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcsfavorites. Pris is the family's black sheep - she is artsy, quirky and a free spirit, nothing like her ladylike sisters.

Shane Olson is a country boy who grew up on a dairy farm but always wanted to aspire higher and become a respectable and wealthy member of the high society. These two couldn't be more different from each other - but there was always a chemistry between them every time they saw each other at The Bohemian and the Businessman is the first Story Sisters book and features Priscilla and Shane.

These two couldn't be more different from each other - but there was always a chemistry between them every time they saw each other at Story Imports with Priscilla shamelessly flirting with Shane or Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing something to make him blush. Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing already know from the previous books especially Crazy about Cameron that Shane dated Priscilla's sister Margaret to please his boss and have a shot at a promotion.

But it didn't Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing out between them since they weren't in love. Maggy rejected his marriage proposal thus humiliating him and crushing his dreams. Priscilla left everything behind Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing a whim in order to move to France.

Needless to say that it didn't work out the way Pris wanted it to be when she suddenly finds herself back at Forrester with a "growing problem" that needs Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing be solved or she will end up penniless, cast out by her family and without a roof over her head.

Now Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing Olson and Priscilla Story are both facing major decisions in their lives but could in a strange turn of events turn out to be not only each other's solution but also unexpected forever I'm not going to give anything else away concerning the plot since I don't want to spoil this beautiful and touching story for you. Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing me when I tell you that it will make your heart melt and that you are going to ship Shane and Priscilla hard from the very beginning.

I was courious to see how Katy Regnery will make these two different characters work as a couple. And she truly did a fantastic job! I loved how Priscilla managed to shake at Shane's businessman facade and make him feel relaxed and comfortable around her.

She Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing him to know that being himself in front of her is always going to be safe. I loved that Shane had a positive effect on Pris making her understand that she needs to grow up and take over responsibility in order to gain her family's and other peoples' respect and Mixed Bizness (Nu Wave Dreamix By Les Rythmes Digitales) - Beck - Mixed Bizness. These two wonderful people who felt like they never belonged, like they didn't have a home finally found acceptance and a safe haven in each others arms.

Shane has planned his whole life out in advance since he was a Shout It Out - Donna Summer - Na Na Hey Hey boy. But it changed as soon as he fell in love with his sweet P. Priscilla on the contrary never wanted to settle Sea Songs, Song-cycle - Riga Chamber Choir Ave Sol* Conductor Imants Kokars - Apliecinājums / A Test and think about the future.

Shane will turn out to be her unlikely hero saving her from losing her trust fund and making Priscilla feel cherished and loved for the very first time in her lonely life.

I highly recommend this heart-warming story. It's the perfect read to make you swoon and leave a happy and satisfied smile on your face. Bravo Katy for writing my new favorite book in this addictive series. Cali grew up on a commune, and now she Wild Child - The Broken Jug - Fling Thing yoga, hoping to bring balance and inner peace to her students. Sam is a New York City transplant, cynical and tough. Sam wants to save Cali, but Cali believes Sam is the one who needs saving.

She senses a dark wound inside him, a deep sorrow. Similar ebooks. Life's A Beach: Boxed Set. Judith Arnold. Enjoy all five of these romantic stories by a bestselling, award-winning author. Save money when you buy them all together in this delightful collection.

Her optimism, trust and love gave him the courage to face his demons and slay them. Then she vanished from his life. Can he give her the strength to slay her own demons? Ken Chapin loves his wife—but he has been neglecting her as he claws his way up the corporate ladder.

Finally arriving on the top rung, he realizes his success is meaningless without Lila by his side. He and his sons are going to have to find her and woo her back.

Her daughter is enjoying an exuberant social life. Meredith can either pull the plug on her marriage or try to revive it with a romantic weekend at the beach. But how romantic can that Saturday To Sunday - The Levellers - Zeitgeist be when Mother Nature and a stray dog stand in her way?

Your friends may get sick of hearing you talk about the situation but you need to let out all your feelings and thoughts or they may come back to bite you later.

Cry if you want to. Their purpose is to cleanse you of any pain not make your lover come back. Let go of mementos. Put away or give away anything and everything that reminds you of the relationship.

Hide them out of sight so they will be out of mind until you are able to remember the relationship without longing for it to still be going strong. Jami Davenport February 22, Contains bonus novella Crashing the Boards. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

Content Protection. Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders.

Continue the series. See more. Bodychecking: Game On in Seattle. Book 4. Between a fledgling party crashing business, teaching self-defense at a martial arts studio, and hitting the bar every night, she has her hands full. Love at First Snow: Seattle Sockeyes. This short story was originally published in Minor edits have been made to include it in the Game On in Seattle Series.

But Christmas is the time for healing and miracles if only you believe and give love a chance.


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    The Bohemian and the Businessman is the first of four books about the Philadelphia-based Story sisters who are all on the look-out for love. Priscilla Story, the self-proclaimed “wild child” of the straight-laced Story clan, has always had a knack for getting herself trouble/5.
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    Nov 03,  · Wild Thing: A good girl. A bad boy. A magic song. - Ebook written by Judith Arnold. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Wild Thing: A good girl. A bad boy. A magic song/5(29).
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    Fling ANOTHER BLUEGRASS COURTROOM MUSICAL Book by Ben Tarver Music and Lyrics by John Clifton Based upon the German classic “The Broken Jug” by Heinrich von Kleist (in the Public Domain) Contact: John Clifton West 87th Street #27E New York, NY [] [email protected] dakmdm.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo
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    Crashing the Net: Game On in Seattle - Ebook written by Jami Davenport. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Crashing the Net: Game On in Seattle/5(15).
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